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    HI guys its me again, got a weird one this time.

    Basically the site (Yes, Im still making it) needs to have a CV bit on it. The page at present is a grey box! I have CV which i will convert into html as i want to change headers and bits to match the site style!

    Basically is it possible to have scrolling content with in a table? Or preferably to load an external html file the width of the space into so that it scrolls? The footer cant move so it cant disturb the content in any way?


    Any solutions would be loved, i dont know if theres bit of code to turning scrolling off or on it a cell or what not but thanks in advance.

    regards ian

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    well it looks like what your looking for is an Iframe. Inside the cell where you want your scrolling content you can add one no sweat.

    Just make sure that when you style th eppages being loaded into it, make thier width at least 17px thinner than the iframe itself to prevent the horizontal scrollbar.


    and google a little. im not sure off hand any good descriptions of them but therre is a lot of info on here as well about them.
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