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    Hi, years ago(about 5) I came across a bogus security site which had an image on it which showed the contents of your hard drive(if you moved the image from one computer to another it changed). I copied it at the time but have since lost it. Was wondering if anybody knows how that was done or has any examples of anything like it as thought it was prity cool.

    thanks heaps


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    Hello azzteroid.

    Are you sure this was an image that you found and not an actual HTML page that you downloaded.

    It is very easy to get many pieces of user information with javascript such as resolution, IP plugin capabilities and more..

    Here are many little pieces of code at javascriptkit.com :

    Maybe I am wrong, but I dont think it is very likely or even possible that an image can do what you are talking about.

    I hope this helps!

    Wheres the food at?


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      Thanks for your reply. I understand how certain information can be gained through javascript though I do believe this was an image, but I may be wrong.

      It might have been using an exploit in internet explorer at the time or something like that.

      Guess this one might remain a mystery

      Thanks for you help