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A review of my new logo

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  • A review of my new logo

    What do you think of my new logo, it is simple but i think is really effective.
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    There is quite a lot wrong with your logo, and well it shows that you have had no print/art/design experience.

    1. The graphic is too big and dominates the text. Both should be subtle and should complement each other.
    2. The graphic is not aligned correctly, if you have it that large, it should be vertically centered.
    3. The graphic itself has no meaning or immediate relationship with the name. Use something else.
    4. Not all of the end points on the graphic line up correctly.
    5. Drop shadows. Don't use them.
    6. The type face you have chosen has no umph factor to it. Free true type fonts generally have that issue.
    7. The letters are too tall.
    8. The colours are not a good choice. If you have it on different backgrounds, it will not look right. The graphic should work with all backgrounds and both should always compliment each other. The selected colours do not.

    So, it is simple yes, but so simple it looks like it has not been created with a professional outlook, and a clean-cut look.


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      BIG improvement to logo

      Thankyou for your comment. I have redesigned just the logo. What do you think now?
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        The lines match up, but you've still used a drop shadow, and have also added a gradient which will not look particularly clear when viewed as a smaller image.


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          O.K, I have now fixed it all and it looks great. Thanks for all of your help
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