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Tell Me Pls....y Is It Like This ?

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  • Tell Me Pls....y Is It Like This ?


    regarding this script above

    i onli 1 2 make ONE PIC glow when i put my cursor on d pic. .

    BUT suddenly after putting the CODE up there... all my PICS glow..when i put my cursor on the pic

    how 2 . make ONLI one pic 2 glow...TELL ME PLS .... ! ! >... tell me ...

    TELL me especially for d person who told me this SCRIPT
    cusx The One & Only Java NOOB :D

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    There should be a forum on here called 'the very best of the very worst' just for topics like this one.
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      i cant understand what ur saying, maybe if u went to school it would help


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        Could you give us a link to the site you are using the script on?
        My Site


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          cusx the script was just an example. If you read what the script actually did you would know how to customize it. You might want to read the posting guidlines as well http://www.codingforum.net/postguide.htm proper english, good titles, follow rules.
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            There is a special forum where DD help requests go..

            God I hate "txt" speak......


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              since m a newbie here ... i cant understand rules :d ...
              neways .. into business .. think u can get that effect in flash ( i u think u can go wid dat ) .. its just as simple as 1 , 2 , 3 with flash ..
              >> convert tthat part as button
              >> on mouseover , just increase the _alpha prop ... dats it !
              <<<<<<<ON SEARCH FOR MORE :) >>>>>>>