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  • uniysis license for gimp

    I've been checking out this free software called gimp. I'd like to download it but I don't want to deal with the license issue for saving .gif files. I also don't want to have to buy an image editing software such as photoshop. Bottom line I'm cheap! So my question is has anyone found a way around the license issue for gimp. I live in the u.s. and the patent expired in 2003.

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    download the .GIF save plugin. simple as that. unisys sueing every person using gifs is even less realistic than the RIAA sueing every P2P user. better yet, don't use GIFs
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      Patent Expired

      The Patent on GIF images that Unisys held expired last August anyway. (Actually the patent was on the compression used in GIF images and not the images themselves).
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