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Subtle gradients display choppy

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  • Subtle gradients display choppy

    On a site I am currently developing (http://www.nd.edu/~mking5/home/) I use subtle gradients on both sides of the page. The color starts at something close to #eeeeee and blends into white (#ffffff). Now, on my laptop at a high resolution (1900x1200, it's widescreen) the gradients look great. But if I view it on a different computer using a crt monitor set at 800x600, the gradients don't flow very well and appear as blocks of solid colors.

    Now, I wasn't sure if this was an issue with the older crt monitor (I think the monitor came new with the computer about 4-5 years ago) not being able to display the colors between #eeeeee and #ffffff very well, or what it would be.

    If it is the monitor not being able to display the colors, is there any way to get around the issue without chaning the colors of the gradient?
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    colour gradients should be .jpgs, not a .gif as yours is. Problem solved

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