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Javascript+HTML canvas - Distortion?

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  • Javascript+HTML canvas - Distortion?

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    It really seems to me that the right edge of the arc is thinner than the left one! I have been doing some coding for webpages and I started using canvas so I can make cool things using Javascript. I had some problems with the height/width of the canvas/body, but it always seems to me that the ball outline is wider in its left side... The page where I am trying this: Anima (in Portuguese). Please change where it says "Velocidade:" to 0 if you want to stop the ball, and zoom in with the browser to see it better. If you search for "arc" in the Elements tab (Chrome) you will find the code that draws the arc and the ball.
    Do you think the arc is distorced or something? If so, why and how to fix it?
    Thank you!