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Imagemagick - Great program? Maybe... but lousy execution in usage deployment

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    Originally posted by John_Betong View Post
    As far as I know ImageMagick is the latest 64 bit version, if not I would be grateful for upgrade advice:
    Sorry I should have been more clear. That wasn't directed at you, that was directed at judgedredd who started the thread complaining about how hard it was to get working... and then later said they were using Windows XP... where unless they're running the version of XP that's Server 2k3 in drag, they're not going to be running the 64 bit version.

    I'm seeing that with a LOT of people who refuse to update past XP lately, and we're starting to see it with Win7, particularly in the 32 bit flavors.
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      Originally posted by John_Betong View Post

      1. Solved the reset thumbnail options - @judgedredd
      2. Loads a default image if non is selected
      3. Re-uses either the default image or the latest image to create thumbnails
      4. Correctly resizes image types Bmp, Gif, Heif, Jpg, Png and WebP
      5. Dimensions and filesizes shown for all images
      It works exactly as you have stated. Pretty good work John_Betong .


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        Imagemagick is harrrrrrrrrrd. That’s why I go over to the forum and have them write it out for me. Right down to the command line. There is absolutely no reason anybody should be suffered to learn this on their own. Fortunately it’s a bunch of old guys who got their start in Fortran and love showing off their commands. Go forth and register my son:


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          Thanks semicodin. I probably won't go and join the forum as I may 'go off' on someone over there. But thanks for the input.