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  • How do you like this web design?

    hey guys, I'm a UI/UX designer and just recently I've been asked to create this website http://RealSpyApps.com. this is my best project thus far, could you give me any pointers on how I could improve? I'm still a junior designer and looking for all possible feedback. I've spent a lot of time on this client I really worry about the result. It is my chance to start working in a big team on different projects.

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    The absurdly undersized fonts beneath the bling-bling pointless oversized stock line art is likely to have major accessibility issues. Overall the choice of font -- and more importantly absurdly low font-weight -- further compromises legitbility on the page. The excessive space around the breadcrumbs and their placement AFTER the article info makes it very confusing as to what's what or even what anything is. The blue on black for the star ratings is below accessibility minimums as well, with the "user reviews" text next to it being effectively invisible for a lot of users. Alternating excessively dark and light areas can sometimes also cause photoroptia, making the text in a dark area like that heading hard to read.

    Also you didn't show us a design. You showed us a pretty picture of what one of MANY possible layouts MIGHT look like. This is why paint programs like Photoshop aren't web design tools.

    Though given the slow loading artsy-fartsy train wreck of their existing site, I'd suggest they pitch it all in the bin and start over, particularly given the lack of focus on doing whatever it is a user would come to the site to do.

    But that's what happens when people try to use a blogging system for grandma to build a mostly static business website.
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