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    I want to know how you think my site looks?

    It's just a simple project I'm working on for now, and I only have a few parts working so far (home and chat). The web site's main idea is to provide technical support in IT fields in a non-jargon language.
    Right now it's in development, and the forums are not working correctly due to a database problem. Also, some of the other older pages, which I made with MS Publisher, are still up for now in till I can rewrite them. So if you stumble across a very dull page, that has a WYSIWYG coding in it, I'm working on it.

    I used XHTML 1.1, and it was Strict DTD for a while in till I had to make it Transversal DTD due to a Google stats script I had to put in it. I hope to switch it back soon.
    I want to what you think about, the look, the functionality, how easy it is to use, and how messy the code might be (I used MS VS Web Developer, so it helped me make it a little better at organization).

    Right now, I have things like a log-in bar (doesnt work too well, for I'm guessing because of cookies, once you lo-gin you log back out), a nice little scroll box for my news, Google AdSense (to help bring in some revenue), Google AdSense search bar (I want to get a Google mini server rack soon), and nice little pretty picture along the document.

    Also, if you have any ideas that I could put in to it, please tell me.

    If you could help me also, I would like to know how to take content from on document and make it show on another.

    Instead of having all the news in the index file, I want it to be in news.htm, but that content to show up in the scroll boxes. It'll make it easier to edit the news, so I won't have to scroll all the way to the news code in the index file.

    Thank you for your time. Please excuse my poor spelling and grammar.
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    pspdownloads said just what i was thinking, the mailto link is likely to get spammed though so I'd use a mailform or something harder to send crap to. Thats just my advice though.


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      um i dont see the need for scrolling divs. i think you should include the background images through because they are presentational and not content. and the log in part should be further up the page. for the w3c compliant images, a think a simple text link will do or make your own images. the colors clash with your design.

      hope that helps


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        your site's code is being sent as tag soup, so unless you change the MIME type to
        , it's actually not valid, and not xhtml, and is pointless (especially the xhtml 1.1). xhtml is only supported by mozilla type browsers (including netscape), and not by IE. when you use
        , your sending it as html. There is almost no reason at the moment to use xhtml over html 4.1. I suggest all web developers read this:
        why using xhtml for markup is stupid
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          Originally posted by belledumonde View Post
          um i dont see the need for scrolling divs. i think you should include the background images through because they are presentational and not content. and the log in part should be further up the page. for the w3c compliant images, a think a simple text link will do or make your own images. the colors clash with your design.

          hope that helps
          he's right, the scrolling divs don't look very good, and it would look better if you made text links for the W3C validations. otherwise the site looks alright.
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            you need to seperate the navagation from the content area

            it clashes!!

            well thats my opinion


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              I have a fairly fast conection and I actually lag a little when loading EVERY page. Most people who visit a site wont even bother checking it out it they cant load it within a few seconds.

              I noticed that you use a background image that is 311.59 KB which in my opinion is way too large. You can cut down the size several ways.

              1.) Use a .gif or .jpg file instead of .png (same image in .gif form would be well under 100 KB, which is much more visitor friendly.)

              2.) Use the upper half of the image, then use a middle image that is perhaps 32x992 pixels as the middle part and have it simple repeat as needed. Then set the bottom part of the image the same as you do the top part (no-repeat).

              Another thing I noticed were the scroll bars. I would loose those if possible. Perhaps cut down on the amount of info thats on your homepage. You dont want to overwhelm visitors.

              The background color and the title colors clash, they are two very different blues (or is that purple). I really like the look of the background makes it look like one of the white board tablets. Just change the colors to match.

              Concerning the navigation and the main content. Is there a way you can extend that line that starts to seperate at the top and just have it continue down the page. It would seperate your main content from your navigation and make it look more organized.

              having your email at the bottom is like shooting yourself in the foot. There are so many free email forms out there with simple security feature that will prevent spamming. Try www.hotscripts.com.

              Google ads: Look great. Non-instrusive. Almost didnt realize they were ads. Perhaps I will go back and click one for you

              There are a few other problems with some of the pages but you mentioned you were having database issues so I wont comment though.

              All in all, I like the layout. Just make it more visitor (speed) friendly.



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                I'm using a DSL line (which is slow and unstable due to being far from the station), so you can expect some lost request or longer time. That's the only problem I can't think how to fix other then paying for a hosting service or forceing our local cable company to push some wire out in the country.

                As for the HTML problems, colors, and other misc. problems, I'm getting to fix those.
                For all non-Firefox user's, some of the line images should be over lapping other pictures which makes it look poor. The <div> is pushing the images down from being on the same index level, so I'll have to add the google search bar up one level on each page.
                I took a screen shot out of a CMS forums skin, and I used the tab background for my background. The suggestion on making the same image repeat will be very useful, and thank you I'll have to do that. I also now have a very good friend that is going to help me with graphic design, so he's going to help me work on a few things.
                As for taking out the scrolling news, I'll have to keep it to three parts at a time, and then make a RSS feed along with keeping the old news in news.htm.
                The color clashing with you seeing purple is I think that you have recently clicked that title, and it's a vlink. I'll change the style in my CSS page soon.
                As for the email beign directly their, I'de rather get a great spam filter, but having a non direct route seems like a nice idea.

                Lately I've been having some problems with installing php on my sever. So the database for the forums and wiki are up, I just don't have anything on the server to run the php files.
                Also You may see the site go down once and a while. This is due to rather my connection being Disconnecet (I keep tripping over the eithernet wire), and since I have a dynamic network it takes a while for the DNS to update.

                The big problem I've been having lately is a DNS conflict, and not in the DNS it's self but likely that I don't actually own the FQDN blahertech.com.
                About a year ago, some jerk (I know him in person) decided it would be funny to buy that domain off of lyco's. I however do not like lyco's since I would rather CNAME blahertech.com to blahertech.dnsalias.net. He refuses to give me the password to that account, and has to manually update the IP address everytime my network restarts. Recently he made it frame, instead of pointing to my IP, blahertech.dnsalias.net. That however did not work, since all my files have a base to blahertech.com, so it went in to a cycle trying to find the files. Due to that problem, he made it forward to blahertech.dnsalias.net. But I don't quite always like that host name, and in my google statics it kind of makes it sloppy to follow traffic.

                Thank you very much for your suggestions, and I hope to improve deeply on my site developement.
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