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please review my page

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  • please review my page

    If you could take a second and comment on my loading time, apperence, and everything it would really help me out.

    I dunno... I just dunno... I feel sad.... is that okay? do I need a reason?

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    Sorry mate, but your site really hurts my eyes. Unless you're going for a really "arty" effect on your site, I'd advise more contrast between the text and background colours, and neither one of those colours should be magenta.

    Also, are there supposed to be any links on the page? I couldn't find any.

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      Load time was very fast even on my dial up connection. There doesn't seem to be any place to have a navigation system however. Also, I agree with bassleader, the font color needs to change. Pretty good overall though...


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        The layout is very nice. But once again, the colors were sort of, um bright! They colors looked nice, but after a while, it did sort of start hurting my eyes. I would maybe try some blues or something. Blue is my favorite color!

        Again though, nice layout, but work on the colors!! Good luck
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          Load time is great - loads very quickly

          Appearance - well, as stated before, it hurts the eyes.. you have to change some of the color scheme.

          As a suggestion I wouuld change the typeface to something a little better than the default (which is Times New Roman) such as Tahoma, Verdana or at least Arial.



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            I would echo the remarks of Quackhead and some of the others. Not bad overall ! I think you might have benefited more if you had requested this review after you site was a little further along in the design stages though, such as having the links working.

            I attached a screen shot of your page as it appears in Mozilla just in case it might be of interest to you to see how your page appears in different browsers (scrn shot reduced for file size considerations). Good luck
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              Like the page..

              Like the page quite a bit. But I agree, maybe we should see more to give a more complete view. Very different and a good change.

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