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    Alright this is my first html page, and i was wondering if you guys could rate it, and tell me what i could do better and stuff like that, i would really appreciate it, thanks. Here is the website Here
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    Its okay for your first page. I think the text color needs to be lighter. That iframe ad or w/e that popsup when you open the site, is that something from your host or did you create that? Also you have some errors in your coding, see them here. Work on writing valid coding. Also this is in the wrong forum, pm a moderator and ask them to move this for you to the site reviews forum.
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      Ok, i made the text lighter so its a light gray. The popup is from my provider, it was the first provider i found so i took it, could you suggest a different one maybe that doesnt do that? Also ive only been coding html for 2 days so im not really sure how the DOCTYPE thing works, could you give me a hint on what it is and how its used please?


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        Moving per user request...

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          There isn't really much structure to the site, it's mainly text..and all those adverts !
          it has potential, which is good - maybe a few more images and a bit of work on the navigational side of things would be good.


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            Not My Fault

            Dude, its not my fault about all the ads, its just with my provider i dont know of any good ones if someone could please tell me of a good one that wont have a lot of pop ups.


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              hosting provider

              It looks like you're using a free host provider, I can tell you there are quite a few who offer great hosting without the advertising. Do a Google for free hosting with no advertising.

              If you still need help PM me and I'll point you in the direction of a couple I've used in the past.
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                Got a new provider

                Alright, i got a new provider(bravenet) and the link is here
                and what do you mean by navigation? do you mean seperate pages? If you do, then i was thinking about that, but im not sure how to make seperate pages, and have it to be able to link to itself, if that sounds right.(the navigation questoin was directed towards weazel)
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                  I think weazel just means adding a menu to your page, then linking the menu items to the separate parts of your page/site. This would allow you to add more content under each heading

                  Making new pages is too easy, do exactly the same thing as you did to make your index page, but instead of calling it index.html you give it a different name like employees.html then in your menu you have a link just like you did with the gamemaker link, but change the link so it looks like this <a href="http://darksaberproductions.bravehost.com/employees.html">Our Employees</a>

                  Hope that helps
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                  My business website, also includes some tutorials