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    Just a 'look n feel' sketch at the moment - but what do you think? Not Glaringly original maybe, but I've only got a two week turnaround for this (part time).


    And their previous site:



    'cna ne1 plz giv cod'

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    needless to say your mock up looks a whole lot nicer than what they have going on right now.

    Looking at the shadow under the nav and the slight shadow under the main content is the site supposed to appear stacked? Like the right laying over the middle over the left?

    Kind of looks that way at first but the drop shadow on the right doesn't cover the images on the right and has me a little confused.

    I'd nudge the main area over to the right a little as well to make it centered. It's a tad off and not so off that it looks 'on purpose'.

    overall real clean and more eye appealingly laid out.
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      I like the new one much more.

      Who makes their entire site one image? It makes no sense.


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        Thanks for the feedback.

        The idea is to have the entire thing fading off to white at the right (the heavy shading top right of the sidebar was a Photoshop mishap). And to have the middle content area bang on centered on screen.

        Thanks for the positives chaps, I was having one of those horrible 'not trusting my own judgement' moments about it

        'cna ne1 plz giv cod'