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  • New humor blog, MadBum.com

    Yes, that's right, my humor blog (mostly based on gaming) is back up and running after three weeks of downtime thanks to a crappy host. I made a couple new posts and will have one or two additional ones up later today. Feel free to let me know what you think (and if you like it, be sure to check back in often as I will be updating it daily or once every two days at least)


    I posted it up here before but nobody saw it because my host went down for three weeks.

    Oh yeah, and I also have a story I'm working on up on there too in case you are interested. I added a little bit to it since it was up before and will have a complete fourth part up by tomorrow.

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    looks nice.

    Maybe a little more padding to the text in the main and sidebar areas though.
    The links in the footer sit right on the bottom of the screen for me (moz/1152x8*) maybe adjust the line height on that or make the footer a little taller.

    I do thinki there needs to be more seperation of the google adds from the main content. The top 2 adds are easy for me to seperate from the content but, the bottom 2 Ihad to look twice to make sure it wasn't part of the last post. Maybe just add them to the sidebar under the trashcan image?
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      Looks really nice to me!

      Was gona say 'what google ads?', but then I realised my firewall is probably blocking them.

      Maybe the red on the right column should extend all of the way down?


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        Thanks for the comments. I'll look into the footer problem.

        Yeah, I want to extend the right menu with the page, but not sure how...


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          Any other comments/critiques? Don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings. Feel free to make return visits if you guys like it.


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            anyone else get a spam email about this site a few days ago?


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              I sent out an e-mail to friends from school whose e-mail I had in my outlook express. How do I have your e-mail?


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                I dont know but there were a few other people in that list who replied to all to say they werent happy about the email either


                • #9
                  Yes, I had already spoken to those three personally. I had missed their e-mails when I was going through and pulling out the ones who I knew weren't from school. It's difficult when there are almost 100 e-mails to look through.


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                    No more comments? If not we'll just let this one fall.