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2nd Round for Reviewing my Site

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  • 2nd Round for Reviewing my Site

    2nd Round for Reviewing my Site


    Some time ago i got people on here to review my site.

    I have fixed everything that was mentioned. If people could go take a look at it again and tell me what you think, that woud be great.


    Thanks in advance


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    All around it doesn't look very pleasing. A website for a webdesigner must be very nice, even if it's ultra simple.

    Yours looks for beta, the information isn't formatted nicely, the intro was very boring - bad coloring too.

    I can't say there is enough good there to rework the bad. Your main banner doesn't fit on one line.

    You don't need descriptions of what the sections are - people know that.

    The update column is too thin and really nonsensical.

    Also, it looks very similiar to your portfiolo work, which is also very bare.

    How long have you been doing WB and what abilities do you have?
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      wow man!

      so have u anything constructive to say?

      the other sites are in my portfolio but they are not very well coded.


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        The COLORs == BAD

        I suggest you play with this:
        Colormatch is a list of the best online tools to generate color schemes for use in web design, or match colors for any palette.

        If I can to your site and saw those colors you have I would leave and find another person to design my site....It burns my eyes trying to read it..
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          I'd take out the 'cheap' reference in your titles and also take the 'quick' out. Everyone knows that if something unique is created cheaply and quickly then you're not going to get professionalism and quality

          The text in the right bar thing is too small to read

          The news I think should be about promotions and things on your services, not what you've done on other sites
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            Originally posted by jakenoble
            wow man!

            so have u anything constructive to say?

            the other sites are in my portfolio but they are not very well coded.
            I said - there isn't anything I can say other than to be honest. Which includes saying that based upon your own site, as well as your portfolio sites, I'm not really sure who COULDN'T be a web designer.

            I don't see any level of structural understanding or artistic talent. What is it people are paying for?

            Even some dirt cheap services produce amazing results. I cannot find a positive value to work from, sorry.


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              Since you insist on keeping the Flash intro I'd recommend making it look a little nicer. If you want people to feel that they can get GOOD visual products from your service (not to take any focus off coding of course) then you need to demonstrate that you know a thing or two about graphic art. Sorry to say, and with no offence intended, the Flash intro implies that you won't provide pleasing visuals. Now, this may be completely un-true for I don't know, nor can say if you are any good or not in that particular area. That's why, I'd say that if you want to keep the Flash, then re-do it completely. At least use gradient coloring in the building blocks and re-size them so they are a bit taller. Some shadows, bevels, etc. would help a ton. A texture or two may even fit the look you want. Experiment - play with your options - and don't settle for anything that doesn't make you feel it's as good as it could be.

              ...well, I'd continue reviewing the main site, but unfortunately the Flash anim stops at the end on "Loading..." and sits there.

              Anywho, I'd have to see the rest to say it all needs work, but so far it does. Don't let this all discourage you. Read some tutorials, practice and try different things.

              Here's a goods place for graphic art tutorials...

              Reading your posts and not posting often...


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                  any thoughts on code


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                    Originally posted by jakenoble

                    In otherwords the same thing.

                    It just has no good qualities to go on. The colors are bad, the positioning is cramped in some spots and too wide in others. The sidebar is thin and out of place. the main section is written poorly. Your menu does not even fit on one line and wraps which is poor.

                    Not too mention the white area looks bleak, and the blue looks horrible for a textual background.

                    How long have you been doing web design? I agree with Ember, even if you offered me a FREE website I'd probably not do it because it wouldn't be worth having to then go to someone else.

                    Your site as well as the portfolio just are not anywhere on the course, let alone on par.

                    There's probably over one million sole-owned web designers on the internet, I'm not sure why one would pick you over them!


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                      Now looking at the rest of the site, I'd say you need to step down from the plate for a little while and work on improving your skills. I'm not a code critic because I don't consider myself advanced enough to speak on it, but I do feel that I can give my thoughts on the design itself.

                      Truthfully, I'd 100% re-design the site. I'm not exactly one to speak, but to be a good solo web designer, you need to have sites that work and look good. Both sides are important to me. I know many may not agree at all for different reasons. But, in the case of your site, the visual design needs work. And I'm sure everyone can agree on that.

                      For example, the color of blue you've chosen as a backing to the main text content is off. Try simply switching the background color (white) with the blue and then changing the font-color to black. After, tweak the background (now blue) to be darker. I know that would involve some work because you'd have to re-do your lil logo in the top left (as it has a white background color to match the current style) but it would be worth it. If not, just come up with a new color scheme. Also, drag that right column with news items closer to the main column and increase the main columns width to fill out the page a bit more (because there would be a ghastly gap after re-positioning the news column) Come to think of it, now I'd recommend re-doing your logo also. Look back to the blurb I did on your Flash and apply it to this.

                      You can't get down on yourself about this really. You just need to work on web design. Like I said, take a break from the grandiose thoughts of making money through web dev. and just practice yourself to death in every area possible. Then, after a while try again.

                      Just my opinions. Take them in any manner you please.
                      Reading your posts and not posting often...


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                        I told you last time to download a GOOD BROWSER for testing your pages!!!!

                        Now your right coloumn doesn't line up or look decent in Mozilla or IE!

                        The layout is totally unbalanced. Learn about design theory such as the rule of thirds and complex spiral. Positioning and size of ALL elements on your site look slapped together and ununified.
                        Oh, and like the others said, the Lego colour scheme doesn't really work

                        It was better last time (and the last one wasn't all that good).
                        Sorry man, I usually make sure to give at least 1 positive point per review, but......

                        I take no responsibility for the above nonsense.

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                          Don't get too frustrated jakenoble, keep learning and you'll get there.
                          "Never offend people with style when you can offend them with substance."
                          --Sam Brown


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                            Cheers Eskimo.

                            Its hard not to really.


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                              The comments may seem harsh, but you can't improve with comments that are just saying what they like. You'll get thick skinned to it one day, we've all been in the same shoes at one time.

                              Practise doing loads of different designs and different styles of sites. After you've done a few designs, you'll go back to this one and have a much better idea on how to design and code it alot better. Happens to us all