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what do you think of my wordpress theme?

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  • what do you think of my wordpress theme?

    I was hoping I could get some feedback on my wordpress theme.

    I modified the CSS and some of the actual code to give it a cleaner appearance.

    What else should I do?

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    I looks nice. I like to see more obvious hover changes the links, both menu items and links in the text. Currently the change is not obvious.

    I think it needs a footer to close the page too, seems to sort of just stop unexpectedly.

    Are you planning to add it to Wordpress.org? Can you easily change the background color, and is the sidebar set up for widgets? Can the header easily accommodate a higher logo, and can that be added via the theme options?
    Clueless in Essex


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      I like the look of this theme, especially if it is to be used for a professional site. The theme is clear and easy to navigate. I do agree however, that a footer should be added to the bottom, as it could look like the page has not finished loading correctly.