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  • IPT Website Assignment

    Hello i just wanted to get some feedback and some suggestions about my site i also want to state this is my first site ever created and many of you will hate the background and very confused on which background to use. im also having trouble working out the search function and making the wording visable around the search bar

    *Also wondering what else it needs

    *The website is only worth 20% rest is allocated to the documentation

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    As you mentioned, people are not going to like the background you have selected at all. It's too dark and busy and as such, the text around the search box is unreadable (as you have already stated ). Other than that, I find the pages well set out and easy to follow.


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      any ideas on a background?


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        I think that with the background, it should be be a plainer design, and a paler colour. That way, it would be easier to use the search function, and also the background wouldn't be as distracting. The way it is at the moment, my eye goes more to the background than the information provided on the site.

        Edit: Do you have any examples of other backgrounds you can use?