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My first site - Please some Feedback

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  • My first site - Please some Feedback

    Hi,before month ago I didn't know anything about web developing,bit I worked hard and I made my first website.
    On webpage you can get usefull informations about Croatia.
    Site is on English language, also I will translate it on German language.
    I know that design isn't perfect,but please post your feedback.

    visit: http://www.cro-info.net


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    I think it looks pretty good for a first site... Not bad at all.
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      For a first site, this is nicely designed. However, I would suggest having someone whose first language is English edit the text, as some of the grammar is a little off.


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        Thanks on feedback,I will correct a grammar mistakes.


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          Very nice looking for a first site. I like the map at the top of the page, and the images on the site make me wish to go travelling


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            hehehe, tnx on feedback, believe me,croatia is beautiful country.


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              Much better than my first site!

              I think that the home page is too busy though. Use this page to highlight the best content.

              The weather page has broken links on.

              Do not like the Did You Know? page font / image. Not accessible and you are going to lose out on search engine indexing for that page as all the written content is hidden in images.
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                Generally I like the look of this site, but I agree about the Did You Know? page. It would be a lot easier to read perhaps as dot points and a few images through the page, instead of the text over the images. Additionally, if possible I think that the National Parks page should have the information in a drop down box under the heading instead of each link going to a new page.


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                  Yes I know,but I have some problems...:P
                  I will correct this.

                  Tnx on feedback.


                  • #10
                    Width issue

                    It is useful , did you take care of width across browsers?
                    Don't forget to mark solution providing post as "Answered".
                    It helps others to find correct solutions!


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                      Like statix say for first web site it's good. I was in Croatia, but long time. Beautiful country and beautiful sea
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                        I really love your site. I have wanted to visit Croatia for a long time and the photos you have provided show me just how beautiful the country is.


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                          Will agree with others, your website makes quite good impression.
                          Straight away will focus on the suggestions. As concerns the chosen color scheme, I think it's too bluish, and some lighter gradients would do no harm. Aslo will recommend to change the font used in your website header, as well as in the footer, try to make it more readable and strict. Will repeat that Did You Know page leaves much to be desired. It's really far from perfect. So drive away at this concern.
                          Overall, I liked your website because of its informativeness


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                            You should validate your HTML code:

                            Currently there are 49 errors and 22 warnings that need to be cleaned up. Take care of that before you try to fine-tune your page layout because HTML errors will play havoc with your CSS.

                            As for layout...

                            I think you need to add padding to your main body div (the div with class="Text").

                            There is a gap (about 25px?) between the navigation and the main body text div where the page body's background shows through. I think that needs to get pushed together to avoid seeing main background there.

                            I have js disabled so I can't see your menu hover effects. Since CSS alone can do everything you have in your menu effects you should make those effects based on CSS only. A general rule of thumb is that if don't need javascript to do something, then don't use javascript to do it.

                            You might want to implement the "universal reset" for CSS to put all margins, padding, and borders on equal footing for all browsers. You really just add this to the very top of your CSS file: * {border:0;margin:0;padding:0;}

                            The cro-info.net text in the top left of your header image is not very attractive or easy to read. I would suggest all-white text with a dark outline to maximize readability.

                            I would get rid of the borders on your facebook and twitter images and make those into smaller icons in the top banner somewhere (right-hand side, near the top probably).

                            Other than that I think this is a solid product for a first try.
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                            It's usually a good idea to start out with this at the VERY TOP of your CSS: * {border:0;margin:0;padding:0;}
                            Seek and you shall find... basically:
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                              Very nice site for your first attempt - Google must like it too as I see you've got adsense enabled lol...

                              Rowsdower came through with some excellent feedback kudos to you mate, just goes to show what a great resource this forum can be, always a lot of people ready to help!

                              Definitely always goes without saying... "Validate, validate, validate"
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