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Online shop and something mine

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  • Online shop and something mine

    Hello to all! This is the shop http://dobavkiizdrave.com/ it is only on bulgarian language (client wish).
    And now my thing... in my portfolio I've displayed only art (digital and traditional drawings). Now I added a section for web design: click
    I accept and will be glad of any criticism and suggestions.

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    I'm not fond of white on black; I find it hard to read.
    Having said that, I've probably told you more than I know.


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      When I visited this site, I noticed that there was an option to change the language from Bulgarian to English which I really like, since I don't speak Bulgarian. I like the overall design of the site, however I agree that white on black can be difficult to read.


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        Thanks for the comment mate. I can't wait to create my new portfolio. Which will play on the most important web design rules. Easy to read text, fast loading pages and if I have enough powers - even a blog


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          I'm glad to hear that you're taking the feedback to heart...let us know when the site has been updated and I'll be happy to leave some feedback


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            Very nice looking site! It's well set out and easy to navigate. I like the background colours. Good luck with it!