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Request Review: www.VienneseBall.Org

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  • Request Review: www.VienneseBall.Org

    I would like to issue an invitation for reviews of www.VienneseBall.Org, which I have recently revised. I am particularly interested in stylistic improvements, which are important for this type of website.

    Thank you in advance!

    Nelson Bridwell

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    The following could be improved.....

    -make the homepage a link that you click to enter - not just fade & redirect
    -change your header to a nicer looking image, plain text is boring
    -make the links dif. colors
    -try removing tables and using a real layout

    but it looks ok in general - although I am still unsure as to what it is for, your users should be able to instantly tell what your site is about just by looking.
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      Too much text in too little space.

      Some types of learners (like me) have trouble reading non-normal text, anyway, and this is a strain for me to read.

      Adding some colors to the text would also probably help break it up, like a honey, golden brown, or something else elegant.

      CSS might help you replace the tables with a cleaner layout.

      Is this helpful?



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        Suggestions for Header?

        -make the homepage a link that you click to enter - not just fade & redirect

        *** Done!

        -change your header to a nicer looking image, plain text is boring

        **** Agreed. Any suggestions, anyone? The small picture in the upper right is clearly not enough


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          Hi Nelson,

          Personally, I'm feeling that it's quite a shame that you have given, what could be such a visually exciting subject, such a tepid treatment.

          Code-wise: I wouldn't really pay much attention to the 'table naysayers'. For most of your content: tables are spot on - semantically speaking.

          I'd add proper table headers to your main table though, maybe:

          Date | Event | Location

          On the Event Details pages, you could look at using Definition Lists instead of tables.

          Also, a proper navigation system would be nice, consistent through all pages - lose the table with the apparently random links, and replace with an unordered list.

          All I can think of right now, hope it helps anyway.

          Kind regards,

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            Fix the background image so it doesn't scroll with the page.

            A bit of descriptive text on the homepage

            Don't underline links (if at all) until the mouseover goes over them. Change the colour so its different to the text.


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              Text is too big too I forgot to add. Also I'd put Viennese Ball in the page title.


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                Maybe you could put an introduction paragraph somewhere on the site telling the user exactly what your company is about. Also maybe you could look at introducing some CSS styled links...

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                  I see you've updated the page. It look nicer. I'll still argue that the text looks cramped and runs together for the reader, though. At least some color variation might help, I think.

                  I hope this is helpful!



                  • #10
                    ok nice site

                    maybe have a couler behind the tables

                    maybe a light yellow or a white

                    maybe make the font size a little smaller

                    but other than that nice site


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                      don't use tables...

                      they make make it look like you don't know what you're doing

                      (learn css)
                      Last edited by jpamorgan; Nov 13, 2006, 05:51 PM.