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  • Please review scriptleader.com


    I have just created the site http://www.scriptleader.com

    Please could you take the time to review this site and post back any comments good or bad.

    I appreciate yout time and efforts.


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    not really much anyone can say... theres no content so i dont know what the usability is like, and for a site like this i think that would be the most important thing.

    but here are some things i can comment on

    1. the text in the top graphic is much too small. i had to really strain my eyes to read it.

    2. i like the top navigation menu, it looks nice, but i was sort of expecting a better rollover effect. maybe its just what im used to seeing on other sites with similar lookin menus. i thought the background might change color or something.

    3. um, i just noticed you have some code after you closed your <html> tag and you dont have a doctype, might not render across different browsers as you would like it to. try to make it standards compliant

    4. your sign up thing looks immediatlely like an ad, i didnt know it was part of the site until i hovered over it and saw the link location.

    add more content first, then i can say if its a good site


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      1. Make all the text bigger
      2. Seperate the text with some borders so you can read the content easier
      3. maybe add some more structure to the overall design

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        Besides what everyone else has already mentioned...

        This might just be me, but I think some of the colors clash. (Notably the crayon red and blue.)

        When I first saw the page, my thought was: Busy. The ad thing also seems to interrupt the flow. (At least, in Safari.) I think centering in the least would help it.

        This may also just be a personal ignorance, but your site's ostensibly for programmers... How do freelance proofreaders and copywriters count as programmers? :?



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          nice clean look - very professional but you should definitely move the "sign up now and..... $100" ad towards the bottom of the page or try to better integrate it so it doesnt "stick out" so much.
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            Just a quick message to say that this website i have provided is now a FREE service to all.



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              lovly site looks good simple easy to navagate good luck any help give me a pm i love script sites and am willing to help