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Working on new site design for '07

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  • Working on new site design for '07


    Anyone want to look at this through other browsers/OSes?

    Checked on WinXP in IE6, FF1.5 with 1024x768 res.
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    i dont really know where to start with this and what to say except...

    can you say 1998?

    but i'm going to try and be constructive. so here i go...

    1. why are you using inline frames? if it is for layout purposes then you should get start on reading about CSS. hold on a sec, i just checked your code and... yes, you are not using CSS at all. wait... you are -- inline styles. time to learn.

    2. forget about taking a long time to load, i think the background image has to go. first of all its not a very well taken photo and second, its distracting. i think a good banner image would be better, kinda like this.

    3. work on the legibility. it pretty hard on the eyes.

    4. i think its a step back from your current design. although the current one is also flawed...

    and... i think you should stop using frontpage. are you using frontpage? coz when i still did, my sites looked like that too. but then not everyone making websites are web authors, they just want to get info out... good luck!


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      What he said. Plus, add some controls to the flash movie maybe, like pause and stuff.


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        It's hard to read the text with the image background. and all the frames make the layout pretty confusing. the video is pretty cool, especially if you made it. i don't think the scrolling divs are necessary.
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