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  • What are your thoughts?

    I'm making a new design and want to know what y'all think. so far it's very basic.
    And the image will vary, i'm looking for a really good, clear, and colorful one i can snap off and put up there.

    any color scheme suggestions?

    also, where can i get really cool free fonts? i haven't found one i like so far. and yes i have searched google extensively.

    here it is: http://jpamorgan.com/new/d2/


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    Looking good so far! I think the basic layout is great, though you may want to break up the text into at least two columns as pspdownloads suggested. The design just barely does not fit into the 800x600 resolution. I don't always require it to fit since more and more people are using higher resolutions now, but when it's so close, I'd go ahead and make it fit.

    As for free fonts, I like acidfonts.com. A font or two is often added on a daily basis.


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      Two Comumns

      i'm not sure what you mean by two columns?


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        It's incongruous. You have all that white space to either side, then the 3 busy columns (which would be easier to make & upkeep with CSS, by the way). The page doesn't resize very well. (I use Safari with the screen set to 1024 X 768, Millions of Colors.)

        Even without that clash, I think it would be too busy. I glance at the page and have nothing to focus on since I can't tell what the most important thing is.

        I hope this is helpful!