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  • Critique please!

    Hi, I just finished a new layout and I'd like some comments/critique on it! Thanks


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    i once gave a comment on your site when the background color was black...
    now it's a contrasting one, white...

    yes, it looks neat, professional...
    but i think a website needs links...HYPERlinks!

    adding pictures (since it's graphics) will be better


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      thanks for the comments! i'm working on some of those things right now


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        1) I didn't know the links were links because they look like plain text.

        2) The design and colors are very very subtle. I don't mind subtle, but yours is borderline difficult to read.

        3) The text is a bit on the small side. Just a tad bigger wouldn't hurt.

        4) Like previously mentioned, add some graphics to the page. It's simply too plain at the moment. The design doesn't draw me in and make me want to see what you're capable of.

        5) Your lightbox implementation might be a little off. The graphic appears shifted to the right, while the close button is centered and slightly covered up by the graphic.

        Overall, it's really pretty good. Not far from being excellent. Definately on the right track.


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          I like it alot.

          the only thing i would change would be to darken the outside border a little bit

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            yes, same about the links. how can anyone even think to look beyond your first page if it appears that there is nothing else?

            i like how your logo easily becomes your favicon btw, but i think you should put a white background on it.

            i dont however like the fact that you are using line breaks to visually create lists and cut the lines of the paragraphs. use the <ul> tag for those lists, thats what its for.

            and um, thats all i can say for now. good luck!


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              very clean and effective design. clearly and consicely delivers your site concept, reason for existance and is very professional.

              great work
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