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  • Hotspots - again! (new forum)

    Thanks to the guys who replied on the old forum, I'll re-explain for those who didn't see it.

    I'm creating hotspot links for a web page. Problem is, when you click a link, it outlines the area of the hotspot. This makes the page look terrible. I've noticed that this only happens on some versions of IE. Someone gave me a bit of code with a focus setting. I tried this, but on the machine I was using, it had no effect. The hotspot remained outlined after clicking.

    Any ideas?

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    use onfocus="this.blur();"


    <area href="blah" coords="0,10,10,0" onfocus="this.blur();">
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      Hi Lindaven,

      you should remember that outlining of a link is very useful for people and devices which aren't using mouse. They probably focus between links with a navigation button (e.g tabulator). With disabled outlining, these users can't see where are they currently focusing on.

      Also pay attention on accesskey -attribute which enhances usability of keyboards/-pads.
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        ah, yes.... good point. I hadn't thought of that. However, in this instance I'm going to choose to ignore that since I still think it spoils the appearance and the visitors to this site are likely to be standard IE or Netscape browsers.

        Thanks also for the tag quoted. I tried this last night and found it made no difference (IE6). However, I did notice that when I viewed the page under IE5 today, the outline didn't happen anyway! So now I'm just confused totally!


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          OK, firstly, I'd like to thank those who replied about the OnFocus="this.blur();" fix. I re-did it when I'd had a sleep, and obviously did it properly since it all works fine now!

          Now, I've found a new problem. I've made my page look just fine at 1024x768 and it works a treat. However, reduce the resolution to 800x600, and the layer I have my hotspots on suddenly shifts about 50 pixels to the right.

          Why has it done this, and how do I fix it?

          Thanks in anticipation,