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  • rate my site please!

    i'm currently learning php so the new layout i'm working on will totally rock more than this one, but i need some ideas for more content.
    anything else would be helpful. thx!!
    <3 Jess.

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    Oops! URL is http://www.rageybabey.com

    <3 Jess.


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      on the main page, please enlarge the line spacing a bit; the text is hardly legible.
      I can't help you with the content, but i would suggest some more unity and structure in your site: the main page is huge, largely dominated by your blog, and somewhat cluttered; most of the links in the menu open a small new window instead of a full page, and there is no consistent layout or design. This way your site is not a site but a loosely related bunch of windows.
      If that's what you aim for, fine, but it's not my taste.


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        Yeah, I agree. I have a weblog too at http://sub5.cjb.net My layout is very simple but all I have to do is create a noscript page for non-javascript people to go to. Then my page will be browser friendly all around. I'm using IE6, so of course your site is going to look good to me. If you need any help, you can ask me. i love to help people.


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          • The cursor changing to a cursor and question mark over the links is slightly annoying.
          • You need more Leading between the date and your heading on your main page.
          • Maybe consider changing your design so that pages don't open up in a seperate window. It isn't so bad because at least you make the new window re-usable.


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            On an 800 x 600 screen size the image at the top of the page takes up the entire screen. I would try and make that a little smaller so you can get at least some content before the fold of the page on an 800 screen.

            I agree with the line spacing, just add in some CSS to change that, simple enough. It is annoying that all of the pages that you made which are part of this specific site open in all new windows and there should be some kind of pattern to all of the pages at least.

            I really do like the main page layout if the main picture was a little smaller though.