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One page site check please

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  • One page site check please

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    hey, next time, you may want to be more specific as to what you want us to check for

    Anyways, the site looks pretty good... a few things I noticed though...

    1) Moving menu that snaps to the top - I find these kind of annoying, especially if you're scrolling down to read something. If people want your menu, they'll go to the top of the page for it.

    2) Broken images in the products menu

    3) Scrolling text doesn't seem to work, and there's some weird picture showing up above the arrows that's blocking things

    I'm using IE6/Windows2000 Pro/1024x768 res



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      Its quite a nice design with just a couple of things that detract from it

      1. The text is very small on 1024x768 and is grey over grey sqiggly line which makes it difficult to read in places

      2. The green and brown block of colour above your header just does not look right.

      Plus QuackHead's points 2 & 3

      BTW The menu that keeps a pace with the page is good, it may be better if it was vertical and ran up and down the left side of the page in it's own space so it did not cover content, but in general I think this type of a menu is good.
      An answer needs a question just as much as a question needs an answer. Deep eh!


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        Maybe the text could be alittle bigger and darker.

        And as for the block, thats all it is, I'm not totally sure what I'm going to put there(any suggestions), I was maybe thinking horizontal lines.

        I fixed the scrolling yeahhhhh(it didn't work for awhile).

        I actually consider putting the menu to the left but some people still have those 600 400 settings and I think they wouldn't be able to see it.

        Thanks for the positive feedback, btw.


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          Hmmm, following thoughts come to mind:
          • either center the content or scale it to available window width;
          • get rid of the speckles (dithering) in a couple af the colored bars; either clean up your graphic, or simply use solid colors (looks better then this);
          • get rid of the floating menu; it is annoying;
          • when you're at it, consider moving the logo bar to the top of the page;
          • the menu could do with a slightly smaller font, especially since the body text is so small.

          A apologise if i sound a bit blunt, but i'm pressed for time and wanted to respond anyway.


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            Not at all I appreciate it thanks. I'll see what I can do.


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              If you do keep the scrolling menu thing at the top, try and fix the alignment of the arrows on the sub-menus. For example in the products menu.


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                "Don't make me think! - usability first

                If one's browsing a website he doesn't want to have to search for the navigation or content. It should be there where he's expecting it. Maybe the Newsstuff was funny to design and shows that you're familiar with DHTML, but you're wasting the time of your visitors by making them think about these arrows. The fact that you have to tell them how to use your page shows that something wrong with the usability. E. g. when you read a book u don't have to read any kind of manual to get the think, do you?

                Try to make it unique and easy to use.


                Crasy J


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                  The latest/important news would always be at the top, if you want more information you scroll down, its basically an amped up link. Thanks for the input and I'll consider usability alittle more when design, thanks once again but I think I'll keep the scroll.