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rate my site, please?

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  • rate my site, please?

    can you please rate it? i would be oh so happy if you do
    It's Great
    It's good
    It's okay
    It's horrid

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    looks great in IE6

    not sure how it would look in other browsers though, seems to be mostly IE compliant, at first glance anyways.

    Cool idea.



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      that is a pretty sweet site. althought the content isnt really my type of reading, the layout, graphicds and color schemes are great. did you make that chomeless windows on your own (i'm still desperatly trying )
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        Hey. Nice site, but do you have an alternative for older browsers? Plus, I had a lot of popups when visiting your site. A few of them were blank. I know an awesome free place to host pages that has unlimited bandwidth, but only 10 MB space (that's still a lot to me ) Their URL's are long though, so I redirect my CJB address to them. It's really nice. My page is at: http://sub5.cjb.net I have this page almost viewable in any browser. I just have to set up a noscript section. Also, I don't use a single table (you might be going right now , but I just use center tags instead of centering a table, but of course my interface is really simple.) Nice job on the site, you got my vote!

        EDIT: I forgot to mention that the free place I'm with doesn't have ads. They just have text links on the bottom of your pages and a message in the status bar. The links even fit with your colors. They don't try making them stand out. Much better than Tripod or yahoo! ads, don't you think? The only thing I don't like about them is lack of FTP support for free users. Oh well. There paid plan is $5/month, but you have 3 GB bandwidth (free users get unlimited, paid users get less ??? that's weird...
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          its good. veiwable in ie6, netscape 6, mozilla 1, so thats grand. navigation is fine though that horizontal re-sizer for the links really bugs me... i think a hand would be fine, if you wanna do something "differant" go for a crosshair cursor. the adds get annoying too...

          happy coding