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Extracting visitor's email . . . possible?

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  • Extracting visitor's email . . . possible?

    As visitor's access a site, is it possible at "any" capacity to extract their email address? Or is the only way to do so by asking via a form, etc.?

    Are there services or packages out there . . . or actual code?

    Any & all ideas are helpful--thanks in advance!!


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    the only way you should be getting an email address is by asking, any other way is not on, your intentions may be ?good? but many could get upset , I would be one of them
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      I totally agree with fire,

      P.S You shoudn't cross post

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        As ACJavascript pointed out, you have cross-posted this question at the url provided above. Perhaps you missed the forum rules you were supposed to read and agree to during registration.

        Given the fact that this is cross-posted (with the other post being submitted first) and that the ethics behind your thread are questionable, I'm closing this thread.
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