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    How do I stop people from viewing my source code?

    Just thought I'd get that question out of the way early

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    As you probably know, vBulletin supports sticky threads, so once the post pattern becomes more clear, the mods and I will be posting FAQs that remain always in view. Disable source code/right click definitely will be among the questions.
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      There is no way!

      You might be able to stop n00bs from getting to it for a while, but any one dedicated will get to it. Flash can be cracked, Java can be decompiled, right click scripts don't work, neither does new windows without tool bars, any trick out there has been tried and broken.

      Sticky please...
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        Originally posted by Thejavaman1
        Sticky please...
        I think I'll hold off on the sticky. I'll be making a "sticky" FAQs in a couple of weeks and will probably find a way to incorporate the "Hinding source code/disable right click" references in it.

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        An answer that stuck in my memory .

        Oops...didn't see your post when I replied George.
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          I'm speechless. If I had any hair to pull out...I would.

          I can't believe AndyB posted this. Of course, I've been taught to respect my elders...so I won't go off on another rant about this over-asked query.

          I'm taking the high road like Brothercake has...and will no longer reply to "protection" queries. Well, I say that for now at least.

          Okay, enough kidding around.


          Anyway, I guess this is my first post here since I deleted my test posts. I needed a change. I'm thrilled we have the new look-n-feel, etc.

          I look forward to getting and giving assistance.
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            hehe can see we are all gona have lots of fun with the whole color thing
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              If its abused then it will be turned off, so be careful how you use it
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                Good one Gordo ... seriously, though if anyone wants to use this web site here as a stock response/sub-FAQ on the dreaded protection, you're welcome to it.


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                  my favourite answer to this problem is to set your server on fire. ain't nobody touching that code now, foo'.
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                    Yeah, AndyB, I've wanted to reference http://continue.to/hope many times, but never could remember the URL. I've got too many floating around in my head as it is. But I'll try to remember it now!
                    "In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."
                    - Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968)


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                      why lock or stop ppl from viewing the source codes?

                      i dont really understand why some people lock or block others from viewing the source codes, but isn't it obviously rare people would do that.

                      i thought most people learnt alot by viewing the source codes on webpages, anyway if it were to be a high-profile, govermental agencies wif lots of things to hide.... I guess that would be a good reason.

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                        i learnt a lot by viewing source code as i taught myself.

                        no matter how much you protect/encrpt it people will still be able to decript it.

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                          oh btw, i had checked gordo's reference site. I would like to mentioned that I am currently using I.E 6.0 any although one may locked the site by not being able to right click, there are some images there and when I moved my mouse over the image, there are options to where I am still able to resize and\or save the pics, of course this option in I.E 6.0 for windows can be disable.

                          Again, I think is vain trying to lock the source code
                          nisi dominus fustra



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                            The irony of trying to protect source code is that it actually works, though not the ways intended of the designer. When I encounter a site that employs a right-click hindering script, I always get the feeling that the designer must be much ashamed of his code. And most often this is the case, once you get past around the pathetic attempts to guard against doing so. As the result, I don't bother with such sites any longer and let their URLs fall into oblivion.

                            IMO the wish to protect one's source code arises from the fact that one wants to hide ugly code.


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                              Originally posted by AndyB
                              Good one Gordo ... seriously, though if anyone wants to use this web site here as a stock response/sub-FAQ on the dreaded protection, you're welcome to it.
                              Don't you just hate it when people link without the URL in the text?

                              Reminds me of Geoff .
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