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Please Read: General web building posting tips and guidelines.

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  • Please Read: General web building posting tips and guidelines.

    Welcome! Below are a few tips and guidelines for the General web building forum intended to avoid confusion and act as a reference that I hope you will find helpful when posting here. Whether you are looking for assistance or providing it, these tips/suggestions should help maintain the best possible help environment for all of our members. Please take a few moments to review this thread.

    [color=dark-blue]Requesting assistance:[/color]

    When creating a thread requesting assistance, here are a few things you may want to keep in mind.
    • First off, consider the nature of the question(s) or issue(s) you would like help with. Is the General web building forum the proper forum for your question or would one of our other forums (from the forums list on the main page) be more relevant to your question? However, since this is the General web building forum, it is an appropriate forum for a wide variety of questions. Unless the question is really language specific (ie: JavaScript, PHP, XML, etc.), there is likely a place for it in this forum. If you do inadvertently post a question in this forum that would be more appropriately posted in one of our other forums the Administration or I may move your topic there if necessary.
    • When asking for assistance, take your time and be as descriptive as necessary to assure your question can be clearly understood by anyone wishing to help you. If applicable, include a link to the site where you’re having the problem and / or post the portion of your coding you would like assistance with. If you expect others to take the time to help you, you need to take the time to provide them with enough information to understand your question and assist you.
    • Please be patient, you may not always get a reply to your question right away. Though our members here a very knowledgeable and eager to help, the help offered here is voluntary and expressing impatience will not get you answers any more quickly.

    • Private messaging: PM is covered in the forum Posting rules and guidelines. In addition to what is covered there, please do not use PM to solicit help with web development from moderators or other members. That’s what the forum is for. Confining coding / designing questions to the open forum others are able to benefit from the discussion and solution. It also allows the content of your thread to be accessed by the search feature. This way, if another member has the same issue as you sometime down the road, they might find a solution by running a search on the question.
    • Since we’ve mentioned the ability to search the forum(s), I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this feature. If you have a question I encourage you to ‘Search’ the forum first, before creating a thread asking the question. Quite often you will find your solution there. This also helps to avoid common questions from being unnecessarily asked on a daily basis.
    • In the unfortunate event that an issue arises between you and another member please do not deal with the problem here in the open forum. If you feel it is necessary to contact the administration, either use the "Report this post to a moderator" feature that is on every post or PM a moderator.

    Well, that about sums it up. Sorry to be so long winded here, but it’s better to be thorough than to leave something in question that could cause confusion down the road. Thank you for taking the time to review this thread! Happy posting !

    Edit: This post is subjet to ammendment should circumstances warrant.
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