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  • Open links in a scrollable box

    I want to change my site so that the links on the left open in a box with its own scroll bar. If anyone can make it I can link for them or if you are in australia I can pay you. Have a look at site to see what it is like now. http://www.demolishzine.cjb.net I am getting my own domain to and propper surver.
    Thanks, here is some picturs of what I want it to look like, sort of.
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      just a checkout® this link...

      seems like you want your site done in just a frames® :O)))
      aka just a one® browser window made up of just a three® separate htmls...:O)))

      just a goodluck®...:O)))
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      ...just a special® thanx kinda hugs to jkd n' nex ...:O)))

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        I want it like this site

        I want it like this site http://www.angelfire.com/ego/pcsba/dflux9.html I just want to know how to put like that box on the right hand side of my site and have everything open in it.


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          and like this site http://www.freewebz.com/skatedump/home.html


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            You might like this

            Hey there-

            I think what you are looking for is in this tutorial:


            Basically, those pages are just using IFRAMES. These are just little "boxes" that act as frames. Essentially, you just make this IFRAME using code something like this:

            <iframe src="yourpage.htm" width="500" height="200" border="0" frameborder="0" name="yourframe"></iframe>

            Of course you need to costumize that code to your needs. (i.e. your width and height and all that good stuff.) To make a link open a page in that "box", you just target the link there like so:

            <a href="here.html" target="yourframename">LINK</a>

            That should do it for the basics. Of course it is more complex, but I am not into complex things too much!!!
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              Thanks that should help me heaps, its real hard to explain what I wanted so it was som hard to find on html help sites and **** like that. Thanks again