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  • Film review page

    For my website I plan to create a page which I can place a table with Films and a self given rating. I would like users to be able to click a button beside the film name so it expands and displays a review. I would also like to be able to sort films by rating and name depending on which the user would prefer. I have no idea how to do this except that it will require an sql database with fields for film name, rating and review. A php file and probably some javascript. If anyone can help please let me know
    Also I have a habit of badly wording things so please let me know if I have to go into more detail

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    I think you should break up the task a bit more.

    Showing/Hiding a 'reviews' box - javascript will do this. I've used something like this before -

    function changeDiv(the_div,the_change)
      var the_style = getStyleObject(the_div);
      if (the_style != false)
        the_style.display = the_change;
    Then you can just use 'onclick="changeDiv('nameofdiv','block');"' to show the section.

    For the actual reviewing, yes you'll need PHP and MySQL. Best off getting ideas in the PHP section for that.