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how many people make money?

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  • how many people make money?

    i was just wandering how manypeole make money with the sites they make, be it as a proffesional webmaster or as a one off personal page with ads. i dont make a euro with my sites and was wandering hwo much money a site can generate
    i do!
    i dont!
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    a LOT of money can be made off of the internet making sites. I work freelance, and cover all my bills (car insurance, mobile phone, going out every weekend) by my website designs...

    What i charge varies, and i usually do discounts for friends...

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      Re: how many people make money?

      Originally posted by whackaxe
      make money with the sites they make
      /me just a does®...:O))) welll.../me n' doc do...lol...
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        Yup, I work as freelance, pays all my bills, holidays cars, insurance, PC's, phones, etc.

        If you're good, you can get loads of money.


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          I do ... not for creating sites..but for the content...people pay to get credit on my banner exchange... i have add spots on my sites and have software site which is free but has "pro versions which peoplepay for and my latest site is a mechendise store which is just started but already made a bit.
          not making K`s .. just extra cash which is cool cuz im only a student
          sir p
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            Making Money

            I make a living of my web sites i just put up my second one


            Untill I found a positioning company I did not receive any business at all After they optimized my site and did some other things to it the business started taking off I designed the site myself That was the easy part the positioning is the killer If you are past the first few pages business will be slow



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              I have full time work as a web designer.

              I'm young, and don't have any formal education for it (yet, going to college in the fall), so I don't get paid as much as I could - but I still make alot of money for someone my age.

              Web design is a business that will always be needed (now that the Internet is basically a very-needed business tool), so you'll be able to make alot of cash off of it.



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                I suppose a good follow up to this would be, how do you find your clients? I'll forgo the "poll" approach on this one and see if anyone replies. Me, I find that about 95% of my clients come from friends/family references or word-of mouth. Which can be a slow process for gaining a steady client base.

                Does anyone use other methods? I've tried mailings to new businesses in my area but so far I have yielded 1 client from 700 letters. Not exactly the 1.5 - 2 % response rate that I've heard is the norm in direct mailings.

                I figure email campaigns are a waste of time, but I was wondering if anybody else has tried that before? If so, how successgul was it?

                Right now, my client base don't pay the bills, but it is a great 2nd jobs. (I wish I didn't have to go to work for "the man" every day)
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                  one thinf i saw that looked quite good was being payed to read e-mail! although this encourages spam and ads for debt consolidation and cheap viagra, i think you could get alot of cash from stuff like that!(if you had the time to spare)
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                    Originally posted by whackaxe
                    although this encourages spam and ads for debt consolidation and cheap viagra
                    Don't forget increasing the size of certain body parts (depending on your gender...), and sites advertising nude pics of various celebs...

                    I hate spam ...



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                      I don't, but I hope to one day. I'm mainly interested in coding, as my artistic abilities are roughly nil. If I wanted to turn pro at this, would I have to learn a graphics package?

                      If all else fails, I do make a mean batch of Viagra, but that's another story...
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                        I've actually made a couple of image usage sales from my present site that I didn't expect. My site address http://www.hackstonphoto.com is listed in my local yellow pages ad. I made the site in a weekend with no knowledge of HTML or editing images for web viewing (as will be obvious if you check it out) only because a gallery requested it.

                        My intent for my new site is to promote my wedding photo business and my new yellow pages ad this fall will show my URL prominently. My initial intentions for my new site was wedding photos only but after making these unexpected sales I will included (almost) all of the different types of photography that I do.

                        I can’t think of a more cost effective and attention holding means for promoting a visual medium.


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                          I do.

                          I started by going out and getting my own clients by knocking on doors, networking with existing contacts and selling adverts on the larger sites I have done.

                          I now have two reps, a graphic artist and a marketing/advertising guy. Plus an office with all the fun stuff (Cush Balls, Putting cups (golf), Hell Coffee, good stereo etc.

                          But it was hard work, and it was a big investment as I did this full time from the first course I did. I was luck to get work from a friend who is a programer, so that helped pay some bills.

                          It comes down to how hard you want to work. If you go for gold now, it will get easier as you go.

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                            I only wish I can make consistent money.

                            I've been hired once as freelance for $75 to write a mini client-side application (fancy term for DHTML effect, but not one you could find anywhere, and it was written to make maintaining and actually changing parts of it easy enough for virtually anyone with minimal JS knowledge to do).

                            Other than that, all of my skills have gone towards personal projects that never get finished, and a few things I do for fun (like my SVG Clock, my SVG Grapher, LayerEmu, etc). And make the situation worse, I try to learn something new or master something else every day - so all I'm doing is gaining more knowledge and never putting it to use .

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                              The consistent work does not exist anymore. Most of the work you first get is through friends and family and of course they always want it cheap. Freelance is cool but it doesnt pay health insurance, 401k,trainging, ect like a employer would.

                              I think it would be very hard to make a living off a web site. There are alot of expenses and there is so much more than just building it and letting it run. You should look at a web site to pay for some of your expenses not to make a living.
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