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    When I'm in frontpage 2002, and working on this one page, the title stays the same, I can't change it. But when I preview it in the browser it suddenly changes. Anyone know?


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    I don't know how to do it WYSIWYG but if you go into HTML view and look for <title></title> at the top of the page you can put what you want between those tags.

    I'm using FP2000 and find it stable while working in HTML view (if all the built in code proccessing is disabled).


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      Same Here

      I noticed same problem.
      It has to do with the FP TEMP FILES and how the files are updated.

      ON FP2002 for instance, if you upload a picture, then decide its NO GOOD and upload a new version of the same PICTURE.
      Whether you deleted it prior to uploading, its STILL IN THE TEMP
      Directory, however, when you use the picture, it may show as the original file, yet when you save or REFRESH you will see the change. I use FP2002, some times with 3 or more sites open at the same time. SO far its all GOOD..

      As for the TITLE problem, it occurs in FRAME SETS TOO.

      Whats Really Going On.


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        I too use FP2002 and sometimes I don't get a real world result to revisions depending on what I am doing. I just close web and exit FP to dump the temp directory and restart and reopen.
        Editor; FrontPage 2002 (included in Office XP). Personal Operating System; Windows XP and ME. Browsers; Latest versions, NN, IE and Opera. Server running; RedHat Linux 7.2