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  • Google advertisments?

    Has anyone tried the "google advertisments" on there websites? I notice that the adds seem to search for words and display the add according to the words on the web site.

    Additional questions are:

    •How do you set this up?
    •Does it bring in revenue?

    My site is beer related and I was think of getting some breweries interested.


    Leonard Whistler
    Leonard Whistler

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    It's called "Google AdSense" and a friend and me are using it on our hobby website; it does bring in some revenue, but you won't get rich; for us, it was more about covering at least some of the costs of hosting.
    Most of the time, the ads are fairly well related to the page contents, but it's Google that controls which ads appear; they have the contracts with advertisers, you only get paid for offering the space for 'em.


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        Ok...thanks for the replies.

        Leonard Whistler
        Leonard Whistler


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          too close for comfort

          I recently signed up for adsence after having great success on the advertiser side (adwords). It works well if you have a nitch buisness. As for Adsense, I thought, why not see if i can get adwords to pay for itself. Well its easy to use and set up and control, but it puts up ads related tot he content on your page, which means YOUR COMPETITORS.

          you can filter out URLs. for example, I run a 50 year old golf handicaping company. www.handicaps.com. the USGA is our bggest competitor and so i obviously filtered their ads out, along with many many small companies and software makers who sell non offical product. (kind of hard to explain what i mean by that, but we are an offical provider of cards, and most people are not.)

          I may take off adsense because of this. I was hoping to have them place ads for golf shops, clubs, travel, but no luck. I've goten a few good results, but am overall unimpressed that you cannot select a particular keyword to set your ads to.

          just my 2 cents

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            I notice that the adds seem to search for words and display the add according to the words on the web site.
            Indeed. But this sometimes has weird results like here

            because it simply is an unintelligent keywordmatching.
            If there would be a popular vacumcleaner-model called 'stubby' or so, then you would get realy unrelated links.

            Maybe directly approaching some breweries would be more intresting.
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              Ok...thanks again for all the tips.

              Leonard Whistler
              Leonard Whistler