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Can anyone tell me why this happens.

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  • Can anyone tell me why this happens.

    I've made a site and it looks great when i view it via a mozilla broswer, but if i look at the same page in IE it's all over the place.

    heres a sample page

    if you have the 2 broswers you will see what i mean

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    Ok, first, see this thread about using imageready to output your page in a CSS layout, rather than in a table layout (about the fourth post.)

    Second, you've got three images pointing to your My Documents folder, which (obviously) don't show up for me.

    Other than that, the layout looks exactly the same to me in IE as in Mozilla.

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      I just fixed it before you posted.

      I have this fully coded already so i'm not using image ready..

      but now i'm having probs with all my other pages..

      theres a few more.

      i will have to fix the images . I have them uploaded


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        I think i know why it's happening.. the height is set to 180%.. when i changed it on a few of the them it fixed it ,, so i'm going over them all and checking