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  • pop up window based on referring URL

    Not sure if this is the correct forum but here goes...

    A link is currently being provided to my site from http://www.agideas.net/designnights/...ts_win.php and

    The above URL contains a list of design studios who are hosting visits from groups of students associated with a student conference. Rather than just linking straight to our site, is there a way to detect if a link came from the above referring URLs and make a new window spawn from our home page, or load a different page? thanks in advance.

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    If the link comes from those other sites, they've already made a decision to open your page in a specific browser window and anything you might attempt to add to that is likely to cause grief rather than prevent it.

    If it's important that your page open in a new window then the links pointing to your page should have the target="_blank" property which will cause a new window to be loaded with your page in it. That will require the people writing those pages to alter them though, not always a simple prospect.
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