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Problem with form processing from windows desktop

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  • Problem with form processing from windows desktop

    I'm attempting to deploy a simple email form that run from a windows desktop - right click on your desktop, choose the desktop tab, choose "Customize Desktop," choose the "Web" tab, then add a site with any email form (it doesn't seem to matter how elaborate the form is).

    Here's the issue(s): When the form is submitted, a new browser window is popped up (which is the first issue, although not a huge deal). More importantly, when you close the "thank you" or whatever redirect window you are presented with, the form is still on the desktop but the choices and info you entered on the form are not reset.

    I'd really like to use the desktop to display the form for my questionnaire form so I'm hoping someone has a suggestion to alleviate this problem. Thoughts?


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    I'm not sure about you, but I wouldn't want my desktop changed when I fill something out. Just stick to the usual browser window


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      not sure about overall, but i can solve your wee problem about getting the form results in a pop-up window:

      put this in the <head> tag:
      <SCRIPT language=JavaScript>
      function Start(page)
      {OpenWin = this.open(page,"popup","scrollbars=1,top=50,left=100,width=560,height=450");}
      set the form action tab like so:
      <FORM action="page.php" method="POST" target=popup>
      and finally, the submit button:
      <INPUT onclick="Start('')" type=submit value="Vote NOW!">
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