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    Off the bat i want to say that i know a limited HTML, but i do know HTML. I was wondering if you guys had any advice on ehat i should do to make my site. I have had a site and i used dreamweaver to make it but i would like to get back to useing a little program called 'notepad' (have you heard of it? ) I want to know how to make regular notepad script look good on the webpage. I know that you have a sticky thread about Xhtml and CSS and was wondering if that was the way for me to go to balance ease of coding with good looks. I figure that if i make a site that i can be proud of that maybe then i will look into buying a webhosting package to make my site public.

    Thanks for listening and thank you in advance for your replies and for not yelling at my lame post.


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    Re: New Site

    Originally posted by patbuzz86
    advice on ehat
    What's an ehat?
    CodingForum Supreme Overlord
    All Hail Spookster


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      Re: Re: New Site

      Originally posted by Spookster
      What's an ehat?
      ehat = what

      It's a bad spelling version of 'what'


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        hey come on now i already know that i can not spell i dont think that you need to make fun of me for it. thats just mean


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          Sorry, I didn't intend to make fun of you and I know it is a spelling mistake.

          I was just pointing out to Spookster that it was supposed to be 'what'.


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            i know it is ok i make fun of my self all the time
            it is quite easy -- which is pretty sad but any way


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              If I understand correctly, you want to learn HTML?
              Here's a good place to start:

              As for making it nice, you might want to look into CSS

              After that, making frequent trips to codingforum.net should help a lot

              Good luck!