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    Well i am a 17 year old kid from sububia and was wondering what would be the best Hosting site. First of all i dont want all of you web hosting owners to use this thread as a way for you to get some advertisement - go to your own thread. the things that i am looking for are
    1. A good PPFI (price per feature index)
    so this excludes the crappy sites like Geocities(way to much money)
    2. a decent amount of space
    enough so that i can put up large image files and use the server as a "portable storage"
    3. a good amount of bandwith
    enough said
    4. Scripting capabilities
    in case i learn more scripting
    5. POP3 Mail
    i want an e mail adress
    6. A cheap domain name
    whats a site without a name?
    7. Cheap
    Being a college bound teenage i dont have alot of money and would like to have a package that will get me a lot of features for a little amount of money. and this includes the domain name.
    Last and Most important...
    8. Is reliability
    i need to know that i am not gettin jacked out of my money by bad service and bad servers

    As for now these are my needs and your input on this subject is greatly appreciated.


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    On the free side for good host there is lifelesshost but if you don't need so much space there is 57host which I highly recomend (HSTEU in my sig is hosted there). Both have very good server uptime, 57host has only once been down in the 6 months of me having a site there and that was for about 2 hours (hackers) while they restored data.
    Geoffrey Sneddon


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      United Hosting haven't let me down yet for the year or so I've been with them. Support tickets usually answered for me within 10 minutes, down time is very rare. they're extremely popular and spoken about alot on www.webhostingtalk.com which is another good source for good webhosts.


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        http://solidinternet.com is very cheap and very good. I recommend their packages. The support is done by forums only, there is no help ticket system for their packages which is what helps keep the price down. All server problems are taken care of on thier part of course but if you have an account problem or some other small problem it might take a few days to resolve. So you have to weigh the options.


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          ACSite.net. I have serveral sites with them. Incredible price, very reliable service and support, all the bells and whistles you will need, unlimited databases, emails, stats, fantastico for scripts, everything, like I said they are the best I have found for hassle free hosting. hey check it out. You will be thrilled with them. I have been.