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pop unders blockers?

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  • pop unders blockers?


    pop up blockers ..block what other types of "pop" ..pop unders too ??
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    Maybe you should clarify yourself more.


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      *snickers* I think - a) someone's just trying to be clever or b) he's honestly asking if there is such a thing as pop "x" where "x" is another position word such as "under" or "over". Don't mean to be answering the question you directed at him - just felt compelled to put in my two cents.
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        There is technically no difference between a popup and a popunder. They are just browser windows opened by script. Blockers act the same whether they are placed on screen or out of screen, or whether they have focus or not.

        Depending on how it's done, a popup blocker may or may not block chromeless windows, alert windows or modal dialogues too.
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          its was simple question..

          dunno whats so clever in that... all i asked is what is the differnence between popup and pop unders and other pop.

          why i am asking is coz google yahoo and other sites are now promoting popup blockers..so is it worth joining any affiliates which is paying "popunder" ..as far as i get from the above replies popup block toolbar will block popunder as well

          will it..?
          Move on....


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            popups and popunders will be disabled by popup blockers. Can join the affiliates if you want to, there's no harm in that. If you're wanting to gain money from your site then you'll find something that'll work best by trying them out. If you lose visitors from the pop ups/unders, try another alternative but don't force ads in your visitors faces.