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  • getting the whole picture!

    I have a site that allows users to overlay gifs which are partially transparent. Once the user has gotten the image he/she wants to look at i would like the user to be able to save the image and print it..
    say the user selects

    satellite data
    thunderstorm data

    ok print is fairly easy but if the user right clicks , they only get the last image that was overlaid (maps) when they try to save image as....

    how can the user save all the constructed image?
    i have heard of gifmerge for unix but that really just creates animations or even imageMajick..

    but unfortunately the user wants to work strictly on a windows box

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

    can z-index help me here?

    thanks in hope
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    You may find some IE - only Active-X to do it, but realistically without round trip to the server, "Print Screen" is about your only option.
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