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Just for well.. whatever.. check out my site...

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  • Just for well.. whatever.. check out my site...

    This site was done by me on january of last year, it used to be www.QuePea.com and the index used to look a lot better, but oh well I messed it up at the end. It has a lot of mistakes in the coding, since I used dreamweaver. I mostly work with flash, and that was well my first website.

    That site was used by me and my friends to post pictures of what we did durign high school, girls, alcohol, etc... miss those times...

    Any comments? Few of my friends hvae been asking me to remake the site... so I want to see oppinions... They will pay for the domain and everything, so want to start of some ideas from this forum.

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    Looks like you got a decent start. The content seems to be there, my spanish skills are a bit rusty. The top flash movie didn't seem do anything? I just some some yellow objects, is that all it is?

    The design just seems to be a tad boring, I'm not really an artistic person so my advice is limited however others should be able to help you out more there. Maybe add some more color?

    The iframe like on the cars page is a bit clumsy with the horizontal scrollbar. It would be better if you sized the images down some so they'd fit.

    btw, I like the cars. C230 Kompressor Sports Coupe is a car I really want. (I got a modded focus now).