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    Tell me what u think of my new layout. I don't want the code judged I'm wanting you to just go to the link, dont click anything because nothing works right ive just set this one page up for opinions. Thanks

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    I don't want the code judged

    But you are offering a site for web designers to go to. Your code shows that you don't even know the basics.

    Leonard Whistler
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    Leonard Whistler


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      well, you're going to post a site for webmasters and coders to go to for reference, right? It seems that the layouts you are choosing (this one and your previous gray gradient one) are being geared to what "looks cool" (subjectively, I might add) rather than ease of reading. And reference sites should always be easy to read and navigate.

      Your site has extremely small text, high contrast designs, indistinguishable links... My favorite reference sites are w3schools and A List Apart-- they provide a wealth of information, but are extremely easy to navigate and find what I need.

      My opinion on the whole thing (hey, you asked... ) is to let your content be the attraction to your site, and have the layout follow that.

      As far as coding goes, if you markup your page semantically with XHTML, you can get all the coding out of the way and worry about the layout later...

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        Make sure you pay heavy reference to w3c, you can do what you have done without the use of tables with ease.

        As for the design, it shows to be blunt, no professionality. The colours are geared more towards a gaming genre, not one where by which you can expect to learn.

        The host seems somewhat slow, it took a good few seconds to load up on my connection - and that is not good.

        Try and introduce padding, and don't state font sizes - that'll prevent IE from resizing the text.
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          Well if you don't want the code judged go to an irc or something, we are primarily a 'coding forum' .... you will have to face up to the fact the code is nowhere near perfect sometime or other and that you will get a few posts about it regardless...

          But aesthetically it's pretty poor. You need to get some color and better contrast in it!
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            I have one thing to say, and I see this alot: you have a stylesheet, and you are defining body styles in that stylesheet, yet there is still this in your code:
            <body bgcolor="#000000">
            <body topmargin="0" leftmargin="0" rightmargin="0">
            (Refering to the body attributes, not that fact that there's three body tags (only showing twohere)).

            That confuses me a tad...


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              That is a primary indicator that the source code is not their own, bits have been "borrowed".
              http://www.mudsplat.com - Web design, print, and marketing solutions.


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                And I just get a "Page not found" error.


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                  Another sign that the code has been "borrowed" is all the mixed upper and lower case tags.

                  And this is going to be a resource for web developers?

                  Leonard Whistler
                  Leonard Whistler


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                    I can not get to it. Did you remove it after all this "help" was posted?


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                      You didn't miss much. Just lots of Copy and Paste with no Delete.

                      Leonard Whistler
                      Leonard Whistler


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                        Is this it?
                        "Never offend people with style when you can offend them with substance."
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