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How To Do Dissow Link Throwgh Webmaster Tool?

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  • How To Do Dissow Link Throwgh Webmaster Tool?

    Hello Everyone !! Help me about disavow link through webmaster tool? Recently Google released penguin update and advice to do google disavow so how to do please give step about this remove spam link.

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    Read their instructions.


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      Login to your Google Webmaster Tools account. Select the website for which you want to disavow links. Go to Disavow option and download the file. After that remove the links you want to disavow from the sheet then save it into txt format and upload there.


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        Yeah, its really a very simple process. The most difficult thing in it is to remove the bad backlinks from others websites. I have an experience like this, some backlinks are easily removed but some website owners tried to black-mail you. Normally they said that it will only be removed if you pay me some amount. So, that's have very bad impact on our online businesses.


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          First login into google web master account then go to Disavow tool, here you can select your website. And then choose the file you created and click submit button.