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New to the forum, need guidance. Where to start?

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  • New to the forum, need guidance. Where to start?

    Greetings everyone,

    I landed in this forum by searching "code forums", the reason why is that I want to start 2 different projects and would like to build them myself. How much I know about this? well.. nothing.

    I have a very general and vague idea of how coding works, but essentially I want to build 2 websites. The first is a store eBay/Amazon style, where people can put up their products, make bids, etc. It's for a very specific industry.

    The second project is a "job finder" website for the place I live, also with some specific filters and other ideas I want to develop.

    I kinda tried to navigate into the forum to see where to start, but everything reads soo complex (even if it isn't, at this point I feel like when I did not understood my maths :P )

    Any guidance, help, etc, would be VERY appreciated.


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    Basically, what you see on a website is text/images/multimedia content. The content is structured in a certain way and every bit of content has a certain meaning (e. g. heading, list, table, etc.) and to define the meaning and structure of the content HTML is used. Then, to give the content a certain look you’d use CSS. These two are the most essential things to create a website. Learning HTML and CSS isn’t too difficult (of course, there are basic and advanced concepts and you shouldn’t dive into the most advanced concept if you know nothing in advance), there are numerous tutorials online, such as HTMLDog. However, if you want to add more interactive functionality such as a log-in/membership system and uploading and managing content, HTML and CSS alone don’t cut it. You will need scripting languages such as PHP and databases such as MySQL to manipulate and store the content, and this is where it gets intricate.

    That said, eBay and Amazon are multi-billion Dollar companies with thousands of employees (of which at least a hundred are actively developing the websites, I would guess). To create an eBay/Amazon like website you won’t need billions of Dollars and thousands of employees, just know that a project like this is like the third step before the first if you don’t know anything about web development yet. You should plan several years of learning and coding if you want to do this all by yourself starting from zero. If you’re serious and want to get it done quickly you’d be better off hiring people who already have these years of experience. But don’t let this keep you from learning coding. A project like the job finder you were mentioning is a good project to learn as you go. Start from simple and get more complex as your experience grows.
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      Thanks for that!, really gave me a path to start measuring the world I'm trying to get into. I'll start with the basics, HTML and CSS.

      You are right, those websites most have tons of years-expertise people to do the magic; fortunately these are two projects I want to start just because, I don't really depend on them to be the next Facebook, just thought of an opportunity and a way to solve it.

      You were more helpful than you imagined. Thank you very much!