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Need help shaping eCommerce API

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  • Need help shaping eCommerce API

    We've built an eCommerce API (http://commercejs.com) for developers and designers and now need people to jump in to test it, break it and build on top of it.

    We built CJS because we felt existing eCommerce solutions were walled development environments and didn't inspire the freedom to create and build around existing code or designs.

    Welcoming all feedback, bugs and questions which you can hit us up on our slack channel or in the app itself.

    DOCUMENTATION here : https://commercejs.com/docs/

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    You serious? A pure JS API for pubiic e-commerce? That’s a failure right from the start. There’s nothing more to say about it.
    Stop solving problems you don’t yet have!


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      A pure JavaScript ecommerce API would presumably run on Node.

      This one appears to just have a JavaScript API for the user interface that is similar to the one Stripe uses.
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