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    First, let me just say that I'm not 100% sure if this is the correct forum for my question but I'm going to post it anyway. I'm sure that if I'm in the wrong place, someone will be sure to let me know.

    I've been doing some development work at home recently, using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition. As a general rule I would always do this type of work from my desktop PC (running Windows 10) but occasionally I do it from my laptop (also running Windows 10) if the mood takes me.

    At the moment I've got the code located on the local drive of both the desktop and the laptop. It also gets synchronised to my Microsoft OneDrive account. What I've noticed recently though is that the OneDrive is quite temperamental and doesn't always synchronise quite as seamlessly as I would like. In my day job I'm employed as a software developer and we have full access to a Team Foundation Server which is great for checking projects in and out. It's also an absolute God-send when it comes to having to roll a project back at short notice.

    My question is this: is there a full-fat web-based source-control solution available? Ideally it would be one that would give me as much flexibility to screw things up () as TFS does in my office.