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  • Establishing A Online Radio Advice

    Hiya Everyone,

    I am currently in development of a new help/tutorial/fan based website for an MMORPG I have an interest in and I also aspire to host my own online based radio for this new website.

    The radio site currently has a strong design and functionality development with an administration panel developed.

    I am told I will need to get a dedicated server and will need to install broadcasting software to this server.

    I personally thought I could develop it all and stream without any software. I am only really touching basis apparently and really need some good advice. I have been development my administration panel with all the features which will be needed such as a speak button which would lower the music so the presenter can talk and whatnot I thought when I was up to my experience I could hand over to someone which more experience to get it to actually work and whatnot.

    Do I require to purchase a dedicated server rather than my shared unlimited package server so I can install software, or maybe with what I have developed, a bit of playing around on my server, whether it be a dedicated one or not, all the functions can be programmed to work. Looking around at server broadcasting softwares, they seem to offer all these features, many I am implementing myself. I am somewhat lost and confused and would very much love some advice to reflect upon and hopefully reply with a couple of questions.

    Best Regards,

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    Why would you stream something like this when you could record an mp3 podcast or host it on Youtube?

    If you need to install software, a first stop would be a VPS, a much lower-cost option than a dedicated server.